The dynamic planet

When did we as a society stop treating nature as an equal? Native societies only a few hundred years ago would only take what they need and waste was minimal. If this attitude was wide spread today would the Earth be a better place? Would world hunger still exist?

Government agencies have set out to change this attitude and make the environment more sustainable for future generations. The first step in this is to understand the proenvironmental behaviour and harnessing the values evident.

Using shock value is a successful was of changing people attitudes towards the environment. Presenting data such as “58% of waste in landfill from one working day could have been recycled” is used to make people realise how easy it would be for them to change their behaviour. People however don’t think that just their actions will change the environment. They are just a tiny ant in the whole situation.

If one compares their behaviour with another they will adhere to that behaviour. I noticed this when moving in with a friend, she would turn everything off at the switch, soon enough I noticed myself doing the same thing.

The question is how many people with this behaviour would it take to change the behaviour of society?  A mass presentation of proenvironmental behaviour may seem fruitful but who would actually listen?

The Earth is dynamic and as time goes on changes occur. I hope one of these changes will be that it will be treated as it once was.



Nye, Michael, & Hargreaves, Tom. (2010). Exploring the Social Dynamics of Proenvironmental Behavior Change. Journal of Industrial Ecology, 14(1), 137-149.




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  1. ashfonty on

    I agree that the actions of people around you or ‘peer pressure’ is a very powerful tool in changing behaviour. But some people do get stuck in a rut where themselves and the people around them are not ‘adopters’ or people thats will change their behaviour. It just takes one simple action or behaviour change for someone to notice and start implementing that themselves.

    Unfortunately I highly doubt that any of us or our children will live to see the day that the Earth is treated as it once was. Society has gone so far beyond that, that I don’t believe it will ever happen. Too much damage has already been done!

    I do however think we can come up with more sophisticated ways to try and restore certain aspects of our dynamic planet. The key is to communicate the science behind these ideas so that society will support them. But either way, the planet will live on long after us!

  2. gracehamilton35 on

    Thank you for your comment. I don’t think we will see a change in our life time. I think if anything it will get worse before it gets better. The communication behind it is key and hopefully our generation will begin a change that can be implimented by generations in the future.

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